I got to interview Scott Tolinski! Wow! Scott is first and foremost a web developer. With years of experience on his belt he decided to start creating tutorials on YouTube. This now grew into one of the best places to go for learning about the web. He also started leveluptutorials.com where you can get premium lessons.

Next to all this he is the co-host of the Syntax podcast. Scott and his buddy Wes Bos go in-depth on code stuff and teach each-other new things.

The interview is wide ranging and we go over how to create for YouTube and to how to manage social media. We also discuss how Scott learnt to fail and get success after by being a Bboy with the Robotops Crew.

In this video series I interview people that are amazing at their jobs in the tech industry. I try to find out what makes these people shine - how to they deliver such high quality work? What tools and best practices do they recommend?

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