My conference talk from VueConf Toronto!

Cable management for Nuxt 3. Compose pages with multiple headless sources and never re-platform again…

Now that companies are starting to use multiple different headless sources to create their digital experience platforms, a real problem is forming. Content editors need to create pages with products, CMS content, videos and personalisation but all these things come from different vendors.

They have no overview over what to do and they always have to ask a developer to connect things together in the front-end. Developers generally have no time so frustration kicks in.

We need a way to compose pages with different headless sources without too much developer involvement. Marketers need to be free to tell their stories when and how they want to. BUT. Developers also need to be happy. They need complete freedom in their tech stack and in how they choose to build a website.

Sounds like a dream come true? In this talk I’ll show you how to connect up different headless sources in a very easy to use system and how query them in the front-end without tight coupling.