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About Tim

My name is Tim Benniks. I'm a Dutchman living in France where I work remotely from a farm in the countryside. I Developer Relations Lead for Outreach and Awareness at Hygraph.

Before I joined Hygraph I worked for Uniform as director of developer relations and I spend about 15 years at agencies building websites for huge brands. I was global front-end director at Valtech Principal front-end developer at AKQA.

In 2020 I forged a new career path for myself by re-exploring my creativity. I’ve been a lifelong musician and since we moved countries many years ago, I didn’t play much. The agency life was resting heavy on my shoulders and I missed sharing with my community and being creative.

I jumped right in and decided to make a new YouTube video each week and to start speaking at conferences once a month. This creative path changed my life. I learnt a lot from the developer community and I started to make a name for myself.

The outcome of a year if creative work was a job at a start up where I led developer relations. Fast forward a few years and I'm now on solid ground in the start up world continuing with roles in developer relations like the one I landed at Hygraph in 2023.

Content Creation

I love to explore my creativity by making videos, live streams and speaking. Now that virtual conferences are a thing I have specialised in making entertaining, high production value talks that I pre-record.

On my YouTube channel I explore web development related topics but I also conduct interviews and I try out services with live commentary.

Making all these videos is lot's of work. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe or even sponsor me.

Tim Benniks Portrait, Berlin 2022