Heya! I'm Tim Benniks

I create content about the web

Next to being active in the web-developement community, I work at Uniform as Principal Developer Advocate and I'm part of the MACH alliance tech council.

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The State of Vue in 2022 with Monterail's Szymon Licau

The State of Vue in 2022 with Monterail's Szymon Licau

In this video, I'm interviewing Szymon Licau, Frontend Principal Engineer at Monterail, about the State of Vue in 2022. Monterail has created this report for the last four years, and they are always on the top of their game. It's an exciting read!


Uniform composable DXP

Principal Developer Advocate at Uniform

At Uniform we are working on innovative products that are disrupting the status quo of enterprise suites that publish pages on the web.

We are creating the worlds first truly composable digital experience platform (DXP) where we give you the power of choice. Choose which best of breed tools you want, which front-end and which hosting provider. No more vendor lock-in freedom to developers!

Learn more here: https://uniform.dev