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New job alert - Hygraph 2023

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After an exciting journey at Uniform, it's time for a new adventure.

At Uniform, we thrived during the pandemic, hiring the best talent remotely and finding success in a new product category. I not only learnt a lot but also created value towards company perception and trust along the way.

Inspired by the startup life, I wanted a new challenge at a company further along their journey. Hygraph caught my attention with its product-led growth, open source SDKs, solid product-market fit, and strong fit for developer relations.

I'm excited to join Hygraph as the Developer Relations Lead for Outreach and Awareness. With 15 years of agency experience, deep knowledge of the developer space, and connections within the MACH alliance, I'm confident in bringing my skills to this product-led growth company.

Working alongside experienced professionals like Bryan Robinson (Orbit, Algolia, Sanity) and Lo Etheridge (Sanity, and many other dev gigs), I'll be part of Hygraph's developer relations team within the larger marketing organization led by Omer Gokce Tumer.

Hygraph is at the forefront of the composability and content federation space. They provide a solution to the challenges faced by scaled headless architectures, bringing stability and flexibility. Companies like Netlify, Conscia, and Octoo have embraced Hygraph's approach to content federation, validating the category.

If you're seeking content federation at scale, Hygraph has a remarkable head start and addresses the current code-first problems in the MACH architecture space.

I'm eager to get started and can't wait for what lies ahead. See you soon!

Cheers, Tim